Zero Work Shield company partners have faced EEOC charges.

In 2019, US companies paid $68m in EEOC claims. A 20% increase from the previous all-time high.

Work Shield reduces your company's need for costly outside counsel and the risk of hefty settlement fees and more. Plus, companies that partner with Work Shield utilize internal resources more productively, increase productivity and reduce absenteeism and turnover.

The Work Shield solution is so effective, our partners typically see an ROI of 10:1.

Our ROI calculator is based on the national average costs associated with harassment and discrimination incident management.

The average US national incident rate of harassment is 4% of a company's employee poulation. This number includes both incidents that are handled internally as well as incidents that result in claims.

What's Your ROI With Work Shield

Anticipated Number of Incidents
Your Anticipated Cost of Harassment Incidents (Based on National Incident Outcome Averages) $
Your Annual Fee with Work Shield Full Title VII Protection (Based on a Flat, Per Employee, Monthly Fee) $
Your ROI Using Work Shield x